Since Omnia II can only do L - N  with no voltage on N we are not able to power up the DUT that requires L-L-N connections like the diagram 2 and 3 below.  To use Omnia II equipment they would need to do the following,

  • Power up their DUT outside of Omnia II system
  • Use the probe H and probe L to connect the MD as shown in the image to its respective location in the system
  • Do all the switching for Reverse (S2) and Neutral (S3) either manually or some external means
  • Omnia II would be used as a big metering circuit for test case 2 and 3.

This test we can do without any issues, 

But number 2 and 3 are not possible without additional external controls.

3 - Phase leakage current according to IEC 60990