A test sequence is a set of command for the device in specific order and parameters. Each test may have one or several steps and specific name. Test name is limited by 8 characters due to limitation of some devices.

Tests on the Cloud

By the moment user connect equipment to the application it automatically copies all test sequences to the Cloud. Tests are compared by HASH function and it is possible to have several tests on the Cloud with the same names (but different IDs), however some devices may have limitation if this test will be copied to the Device and user will be prompted to rename it.
Each test have the following information on the screen:
  • Test ID - sequential number of the Test on the Cloud. If the same Test sequence exists on Equipment - it will have the same Test ID.
  • Equipment - type of Equipment to operate Test.
  • Test Name - name of the Test
  • # of steps - how many steps has Test sequence
  • Created By - who was creator of the Test. In case Tests was copied from the Equipment automatically assigned name will be the name of the User who connect the Equipment with respective Test first time.
  • Create time (UTC) - time of creation given to UTC
  • View detail - see detailed information about Test sequence
Let's revise actions which are available for the User under dots.

Edit Test

This open dialog to edit Test. User may freely change test name, order or any parameters of the Test. However edited Test can't be saved under the same instance and will be saved as Test with new Test ID. 

User can't edit Tests on the device directly, each time User click "Edit" on the "Test on the Equipment" it will open cloud version of the Test. After the Test has been saved to new instance it should be copied to the Equipment.

Copy to Equipment

This copy test from the Cloud to the connected Equipment. If Test with the same name already exist on device user will be prompted to rename it. After the next connect this Test will be copied back to the Cloud under this new name (and previous copy will exist at the same time).

 Delete Test

This delete Test from the Cloud (or equipment) depends on the chosen Tab (Tests on the Cloud or Tests on the Equipment). If User delete Test from the Cloud but don't delete it from equipment - it will be copied again under another Test ID next time Equipment is connected. To fully delete Test from the system it should be deleted from the Equipment as well.

Test on the Equipment

This tab show similar columns with test which are belongs to the Equipment. All those tests are copied to the Cloud at the moment Equipment is connected to the application. User may delete any test from the Equipment and it can't be restored directly, only by moving the copy of the Test on the Cloud if it exists. 

Create Test

On the main screen of "Create Test" dialog user may do the following actions:

  • Test Name - name or rename the Test. Length of the name can't exceed 8 symbols. 
  • Test for - type of the Equipment the Test belongs to. i.e. HypotUltra, Omnia and so on.
  • Add step - this opens modal window where user may choose parameters of the Test, such as
    • Test description - this will be shown only as additional message in the system
    • Test type - type of test, i.e. ACW, DCW, IR and so on. Depends on this parameter other parameters of the Test may be different 
    • Numeric and checkbox parameters of the Test, such as Voltage, Hi-Limit, Arc Detect are different parameters of the Test to setup required conditions.
    • Prompt message - message which will be shown before respective step.
  • User may save the step or cancel it, then all changes will be discarded
  • User may reorder Test sequence by "drag&drop" 
  • User may edit, copy or delete any step
After User click "Save" new instance of the Test will be created. It should be copied to respective Equipment to be used.

Manage tests on Active Equipment

This open modal window where User may manage current Tests:
  • Copy any Test from the Cloud to the Equipment
  • Delete any Test from the Equipment